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The International Internships Working Group (IIWG) is a network of global internship professionals in higher education. Each year, IIWG members come together at an annual meeting to take a deep dive into their international internship program models, best practices, and strategies for success. Members drive the agenda for each annual meeting based on their own professional interests, problem areas they wish to tackle, and trends in the field. The colloquium offers a unique opportunity to network and build deep relationships with other global internship professionals in a personalized and dialogue-focused environment.

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The mission of the International Internships Working Group (IIWG) is to provide a forum for idea sharing and relationship building between college and university staff and faculty who manage international internship programs.


IIWG participation serves as a complement to larger-scale professional development opportunities. While there are many professional conferences and organizations offering networking opportunities in education abroad and career services, the IIWG is unique in that its membership is purposefully small, its focus area is highly specialized, and the annual meeting is structured to encourage individual and small group dialogues designed to ensure that every participant’s voice is heard.

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