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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the International Internships Working Group (IIWG)?

The International Internships Working Group (IIWG) is a network of global internship professionals in higher education. Each year, IIWG members come together at an annual meeting to take a deep dive into their international internship program models, best practices, and strategies for success. Members drive the agenda for each annual meeting based on their own professional interests, problem areas they wish to tackle, and trends in the field. The working group offers a unique opportunity to network and build deep relationships with other global internship professionals in a personalized and dialogue-focused environment.

What is unique about the IIWG compared to other professional conferences and organizations?

IIWG participation serves as a complement to larger-scale professional development opportunities. While there are many professional conferences and organizations offering networking opportunities in education abroad and career services, the working group is unique in that its membership is purposefully small, its focus area is highly specialized, and the annual meeting is structured to encourage individual and small group dialogues designed to ensure that every participant’s voice is heard.

How many members are there in the IIWG, and who are they?

The IIWG has approximately 50 individual members based at colleges and universities around the United States. Members are typically faculty or staff members in education abroad, career services, or global studies offices at their institution who lead and/or coordinate international internships for their students. A maximum of two members per institution is permitted to ensure diverse perspectives and experiences across the organization. Representatives of third party provider organizations are excluded from membership to maintain the higher-education collaboration.

How can I become a member of the IIWG?

Membership of the IIWG is currently by invitation. If you wish to become a member, please Contact Us.

When are the working group meetings?

The IIWG meetings take place typically in June or July. Each year the meeting is hosted on the campus of a different member institution. The meeting is typically two days long and attendance is capped at 25 attendees to maximize member participation in small group discussions. The meeting agenda changes each year and is built based on member preferences and requested topic areas.
Note: The 2023 IIWG meetings will be held remotely.

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